What's your biggest pain with your current coffee experience?

As stated by our clientele, inferior quality, stale, under developed and over roasted coffee is what's bringing you down.

We are "Best In Class"because we have a well documented selection criteria, freshness guarantee and a quality roasting program. 


We continually retool our processes and methods for selection, quality assurance and our propriety roasting profiles.(some of our roasting profiles are sanctioned by the worlds most acclaimed roasters)


We drive innovation and process by staying in touch with our customers and  being active in our industry.


We have a proprietary method that help us select the best beans to roast. We discard any that do not meet our specifications. We could tell you what it is, but its proprietary! let just say your taste buds can tell! 


We can justify these claims by our equipment we roast on and the equipment we evaluate our coffees on. They are the best manufacturers in the coffee world.    

Great tasting coffee starts with great producers and our producers are also some of the best in the world. Direct trade is a practice where we purchase direct from the farm , this insures that all monies go directly to the farmer and no middle man involved. These producers are only hand picking the ripest cherries that are picked at their optimum sweetness and flavour levels. Once picked they are then sent to another sorting station where again any defective cherries are thrown out.

We also work closely with a green bean importer, we rely on their industry knowledge and international relationships to source the ideal products to meet our strict demands.


Terry, the head roaster has consulted with the best roasters in the world to learn how to bring out the unique qualities of every coffee bean. He currently holds a level 2 cup tasters certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association, and a roasting certificate from the Diedrich school of roasting. 


What this means to you is... The best sourced, roasted and tasting cup of cup of coffee every time you take a sip, and this makes you a really happy person! Being confident and satisfied in how you experience your coffee with your friends and with your customers and best of all... with yourself!

What this really means is knowing in your heart that you have arrived at your destination in terms of coffee of course!! 

Prairie Lily Coffee is a Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, award winning coffee roaster, winning 2 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals at the largest global roasters competition Golden Bean North America. Here we finished 2nd overall out of 450 other roasters and over 1300 coffees entered!! In 2018 our first time entering this prestigious competition we won 2 Silver and 3 bronze medals which had over 1100 entries.


Here's what our customers are saying!


I'm a lover of exceptional coffee so when I come to Canada I seek out Prairie Lily Coffee as it delivers the Melbourne, quality I'm used too... 

Bobbi Weir - Melbourne, Australia 


Terry has been great to deal with right from the beginning, his passion for coffee is easy to see and the information he shares is invaluable, I told him my preferences and he suggested a few coffees, that is now 4-5 pounds a month. I am impressed by the consistency of his roasts as I rarely have to adjust my grind settings. His coffee just works, from syrupy ristrettos to well balanced normales. "Something To Live For" is my current go to espresso.

Shane Weibe - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada


“My wife and I are big fans of really good espresso.  Whenever we travel to new cities, our first mission is to find the best coffee shops.  With that said, we haven’t found an espresso that we enjoy more than what we get from Prairie Lily.  Although Northern Delight is our classic favourite, we always love when Terry recommends something new for us to try.  We have friends visit from some of the best coffee cities in Canada and the US, and they always want to go home with a bag of their own.”

Jonathon Bounds - Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada

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Our Commitment To You

Prairie Lily Coffee can always guarantee that your coffee was roasted fresh. We roast our coffees according to your needs, as you require more great tasting coffee, we roast more great tasting coffee.